Group Training for Advanced Development & CE Credit

CONCEPT Continuing and Professional Studies at Palo Alto University works with organizations of all types and sizes to provide relevant psychological and mental health group training experiences for their professional staff. Organizations we work with include correctional, governmental, forensic, academic, and mental health facilities; state hospitals; law enforcement departments and agencies; and private community or niche mental health providers.

  • Expert-Led Training

  • CE Credit for Meaningful & Relevant Training

  • Programs can be Bundled or Individualized

  • Self-paced, online training options

  • Custom Curriculum Development: In-person or Online

  • Metrics & Evaluation: Achieve your goals

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Stephen D. Hart, PhD

Expert Instructor, CONCEPT Continuing & Professional Studies

Training in Specialty Areas of Practice

Transforming mental health professionals into experts

  • Expert Instructors

    Professional training developed and delivered by the field's leading experts

  • CE Credit

    CE credit for meaningful professional training that elevates practice

  • Convenience & Flexibility

    Custom training options delivered in-person, online, or both!

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We Work with Organizations of All Sizes

Custom training plans to meet your goals

Group Training with CONCEPT

Expert-Led Training

Our programs include expert-led training, education, and certification options to satisfy a wide range of professional requirements and introduce staff to updated concepts and practices within the scope of your organization.

Provide CE Credit for your Professional Staff

CE Credit for Meaningful & Relevant Training

Psychologists, social workers, and counselors earn certifications and Continuing Education (CE) units for professional training in specialized areas of practice.

Something for everyone

Programs can be Bundled or Individualized

Each of our in-depth professional training programs can be offered individually or as a bundle to meet the specific training requirements of your organization. Mix and match programs for different professionals within your organization.

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Convenience & Flexibility

Self-paced, online training options

Our online professional training programs allow each member of your staff to receive high-quality, individualized training that fits with a schedule determined by your organization, minimizing the impact of simultaneous office absences.

Custom Curriculum Development

In-person or Online

Custom curriculum development and live training, in-person, online, or hybrid

Metrics & Evaluation

Achieve your goals

CONCEPT will work with your organization to determine the most beneficial programs for your staff and develop customized stand-alone or progressive educational programs to meet your needs. Our customized programs always include a post-training evaluation to determine the extent to which your learning objectives were met and highlight areas for potential development. We even offer full program evaluation for those organizations that wish to use customized training as a means of changing current practices. At CONCEPT, we prioritize program evaluation to give you tangible results, which you can use to plan further training and development opportunities, justify the need for additional resources, or revise resource allocation strategies. Using your objectives as a framework, we will help your organization evaluate and achieve your goals.

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