12 Hours | 12 CEs

This self-paced training program on the Compassion Focused Therapy for Distressing Experiences In Psychosis is presented by Charlie Heriot-Maitland, PhD.

This training program introduces the CFT model of compassion and describes how to apply this model in interventions for people with psychosis. Specifically, participants learn how to help their clients establish a bodily experience of safeness through the:

- practice of soothing rhythm breathing, which activates the parasympathetic system;

- learning to recognize what postures and activities ground and centre the person;

- and using mindfulness and imagery exercises.

In this program, participants learn how to create the external contexts (e.g. interpersonal and environmental) in which safeness experience can flourish. Dr. Heriot-Maitland also discusses how to develop a ‘compassionate self,’ which is a part of them with the qualities required to explore and engage with their fears, voices, and dissociated parts; essentially, a self-identity that organizes the mind and provides a secure base (or grounding) from which to do the therapeutic work. He demonstrates how to use these compassionate qualities and skills to manage internal conflicts and to initiate supportive dialogue between voices and different emotional parts. This is achieved through techniques such as voice dialoguing / talking with voices, imagery, chair work, and letter writing.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Describe and critique the Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT) model and its relevance for people with psychosis

  • Describe the evidence base that underpins the CFT model

  • Describe how to help clients with psychosis to establish safeness and connection

  • Describe evolved brains, emotion systems, and multiple selves

  • Describe CFT formulations with clients (threat-based formulation / 3 circles formulation / function of voices)

  • Describe how to cultivate/deepen their compassionate self

  • Describe the compassion self to work in daily life

  • Describe techniques to facilitate compassionate relating to self, others, voices (eg. chair work and compassionate voice dialogue)

  • Describe the CFT model to address difficulties within therapeutic relationships

  • Describe the processes to ensure personal practice improvement in the use of the CFT model for psychosis

Presented By

Charlie Heriot-Maitland, PhD

Dr. Charlie Heriot-Maitland is a clinical psychologist, researcher and trainer (University of Glasgow; Balanced Minds). He is currently researching the social context of anomalous experiences and the application of CFT for people experiencing distress in relation to psychosis. He provides psychological therapies in NHS psychosis services, and in private practice. He also runs various compassion training workshops for practitioners and the general public.
  • Intended Audience

    This self-paced course is intended for mental health and other allied professionals.

  • Experience Level

    This self-paced course is appropriate for beginner, intermediate, and advanced level clinicians.

  • CE / CPD Credit

    APA, ASWB, CPA, NBCC Click here for state and other regional board approvals.


  • 1


    • Review Before Proceeding

  • 2


    • Lesson 1 Video

    • Lesson Quiz

  • 3

    Why Do We Need Compassion?

    • Lesson 2 Video

    • Recovery after Psychosis

    • Lesson Quiz

  • 4

    Exercise - Daily Loops

    • Lesson 3 Video

    • Lesson Quiz

  • 5

    How Do We Develop Compassion?

    • Lesson 4 Video

    • Compassion meditation

    • Functional brain plasticity

    • Lesson Quiz

  • 6

    Fears, Blocks & Resistances

    • Lesson 5 Video

    • Exploring change processes

    • Compassionate Mind Training

    • Compassion Focused Approaches

    • Lesson Quiz

  • 7

    Exercise - Establishing Safeness

    • Lesson 6 Video

    • Lesson Quiz

  • 8

    Soothing Breathing Rhythm, Facial Expression, and Voice Tone

    • Lesson 7 Video

    • Lesson Quiz

  • 9

    Audience Discussion

    • Lesson 8 Video

  • 10

    Multiple Selves

    • Lesson 9 Video

  • 11


    • Lesson 10 Video

    • Lesson Quiz

  • 12

    Do You Know Your Self-Critic?

    • Lesson 11 Video

    • Lesson Quiz

  • 13

    Cultivating the Compassionate Self

    • Lesson 12 Video

    • Lesson Quiz

  • 14

    Directing the Compassionate Self

    • Lesson 13 Video

    • Lesson Quiz

  • 15


    • Instructions

    • Evaluation

    • Submission Verification

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